ColWeb: real-time transportsmart phone navigation - mobile gps 3d concept

This unique operating software tool was created by Colitel to fulfil the requirements directly linked to the level of urgency of assignments entrusted to us.

In such a context, the reliability of information and flawless information processing remain the main value we add to our transportation or logistics services.
ColWeb is a tool which can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements.
ColWeb acts as an interface with the client’s system.

Your order in four steps:

  • Booking and advice

Recording of your order using our automated information source.
An immediate response to an urgent transportation requirement with a precise and customised proposal.
Combined with remote software, it determines the completion deadline of the assignment.

  • Planning

ColWeb is a production software which is connected to our network in real time.
24/7 visualisation of all operations.
Each operator can consult availability of the network in real time using GPS positioning of the fleet.

  • Tracking

Monitoring and recording, in real time, all key phases of an assignment.
ColWeb is a tool which assists decision-making, anticipating how an assignment will proceed in order to optimise the appointment and solution.
Combined with an OIS (Onboard Information System) or via GSM telephony, the information is immediately available to the client.
Detailed assignment reports.
On our website, clients can follow their assignments in real time.

  • Traceability and quality indicators

ColWeb enables the client to produce statistics and issue performance rates.

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Specific client requirements have led Colitel to organise a transportation and logistics assistance in situ to offer continual and optimal service whatever the day or hour at which an assignment is requested.

Mainly used by After Sales Service organisations or maintenance services, the Continual Service takes over the whole network between 7pm and 8am and guarantees operating hours on weekends and bank holidays.

  • Teams present on-site, in frontline operational situations.
  • A network of agencies and driving staff on standby to respond within the hour.
  • Continuity of service and management of assignments in progress.

A service by sectorTransport sectoriel

Each client is unique and in order to precisely fulfil our commitments, we must understand the stakes and practices of the client’s business sector.

In this context, Colitel has customised its organisation by creating two spheres of activity.

  • Cellule Auto motive

A single dedicated contact person for the automobile industry
A team of experts in processing urgent supply flows
A team which is aware of the consequences of stopping production
A team dedicated to ensuring quality service

Aeronautics unit

  • A single dedicated contact person for the Aeronautics industry.

A team of experts treating AOG flows
A 24/7 operational fleet at the Ile-de-France airports and accessing the runway for luggage loading
A team dedicated to ensuring quality service, compliance with the “freight security” protocol and ADR regulations

Our home delivery offer: an alternative solution to mass distribution.

Colitel envisages customised systems to create a real competitive advantage.

  • A specific BtoC approach (Home Delivery):

To boost their sales and respond immediately to impulse purchases, a major chain proposes delivery in under three hours and by appointment to clients.
Colitel organises the home deliveries, through direct communication with private individuals, while remaining brand ambassador for all sales outlets.

  • Presence on client premises:

The concept of “facilities management” tailored to logistics, transportation and distribution.
Setting up an on-site organisation on the client’s premises to fulfil our three objectives:

    • Create and develop customised relationships.
    • Establish an on-going challenge to excellence.
    • Adopt the client’s organisation and culture.