COLITEL Quality System

Colitel is a service provider that puts the client at the centre of the system, by setting up an organisation that meets the client’s requirements in terms of urgent transportation, logistics and transport.

Our new areas of development and position as leader in critical logistics require more than ever that we adopt a proactive approach, particularly in the mobile phone and Internet networks sectors.

The growing demand resulting from increasingly specific requirements of our clients obliges us to react more quickly by proposing solutions specifically tailored to them.

Our goal of Client Loyalty obliges us to constantly evaluate ourselves, especially in terms of function improvement and process reliability.

For all these reasons, we have decided to re-establish a Quality Management System, secured by the award of ISO 9001:2008 certification, with a new certification organisation.

Today, Colitel focuses its means and resources across 5 arenas:

    1. Client satisfaction;
    2. The launch and on-going development of our new ColWeb HIT tool;
    3. Development and rolling out of IT and global positioning technologies;
    4. Development of partnerships with our suppliers;
    5. Return to profitability;

To do this, and to revive our quality procedure, I appoint Deputy Managing Director Loïc Chavaroche as Management Representative and offer him my full support.

Consequently, he is granted all responsibility for, and authority to:

  • Ensure that the necessary processes for the QMS are established, implemented and upheld
  • Ensure that the client’s requirements are understood;
  • Keep me informed of QMS operations and any areas for improvement;

Our future performance depends on the effort we make to develop, comply with, and above all to improve our Quality Management System.

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qualité colitel

plan qualité colitel