Organising urgent transportation solutions

Colitel optimises modes of transportation to immediately provide you with the solution adapted to your deadline.
Each solution is specific and subject to a specific appointment.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

All phases of the assignment are monitored in real time.

Exclusive urgent transportation

Ranging from a confidential document to bulky deliveries weighing three tonnes, our staff organise a unique and dedicated travel solution for your urgent assignment. With our network, Colitel offers regional proximity to guarantee immediate service and cover the whole European territory, both day and night.

Combined urgent transportation

An economical alternative to exclusive urgent transportation, using regular air and high speed train lines. Colitel’s presence in all ports enables a secure coordination of your transportation mission, by organising all logistics, from collection to delivery.
We undertake urgent air and customs operations relating to urgent transportation.

Accompanied urgent transportation

We dispatch a courier who will take the first available international flight to transport your letter or parcel as on-board luggage anywhere in the world, and guarantee hand delivery.

Complete urgent transportation

Colitel is a specialist in extreme operations, and can coordinate implementation of taxi planes (ranging from jets to cargo planes) and helicopters. A specific operational protocol enables us to establish a transportation assignment within the hour following a client request, to deliver to Europe in under 5 hours.

The quality of its after-sales service has become an essential competitive advantage.

COLITEL provides a global integrated solution to work towards “total client satisfaction”. Colitel’s expertise covers all areas of critical logistics for parts (from storage to Hotline service) to guarantee maintenance contracts of “2-4 hours” are fulfilled.

A network of 37 strategic storage sites covering French territory.

Each of these storage sites provides dedicated shelved areas, in a secure environment. The network is accessible 24/7 and has double-entrance security doors for night-time deliveries. Our whole network provides a “drop-point” function.
Real-time stock management

Management of parts is monitored with our “ColStock” software, specifically designed for managing after-sales service and high-tech material. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt our organisation and processes by integrating client software.
Immediate order preparation

Our organisation monitors all flows to enable the preparation of immediate or planned orders. Ensuring urgent restocking, managing “Bad” or “Good” returns, consolidating orders, kit management, “repair and return” administration, etc…

Urgent and Immediate Transportation guarantee

Our expertise in urgent immediate transportation, guaranteed delivery in under 2 hours, 24/7.

  • Delivery of orders to the pick-up/drop-off point,
  • Express delivery before 9am, or within 24/48 hours,
  • Chartering or custom delivery,
  • Delivery on appointment, …

Quality certifications

Our “local-level logistics” offer is certified compliant with ISO 9001:2000 standards. Our contract support team supports each project, from the study phase (geo-marketing, mapping, etc.) to its implementation. Regular analyses of flows and production of service rates enabling the development of progress plans.



Colitel business solution for management of lost luggage. Transportation and delivery by appointment or on dedicated delivery rounds.
The solution to the problem of luggage lost in air transport. See our offer in detail.
Colitel business solutions for healthcare professionals. Transportation in controlled temperatures, emergency materials.
Storage and emergency transportation solutions to fulfil all immediate transportation requirements in the healthcare sector. See our offer in detail.